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The Employee Passion Survey creates added-value to your organisation, Find out why !

It is no longer radical to say that employee engagement leads to better performance.

Numerous pieces of research have established a link between the two, and organisations and management experts around the world dedicate significant resources to increasing employee engagement levels.

Employee engagement is a goal in many organisations. Working with our partners (& publishers of the Employee Engagement & Passion survey) Integro, we have seen that employee engagement isn’t the whole picture when it comes to engaging and motivating employees. People managers are tasked with building a work environment where employees are not only engaged, but can become highly enthusiastic & passionate about the company they work for and also the role that they perform.

A lot of research has been put into this area. The results in this employee engagement study and looking at motivation shows that a majority of employees are generally passionate or energised overall – in particular – about their job. But of these employees, only roughly half are passionate about the organisation. This gap – called the passion deficit – underlines the hidden emotional disconnect among otherwise engaged employees.

The passion deficit highlights how even top performers can feel disconnected from their employer and may look for other options. This can result in under performing teams, death of change initiatives and in losing talented people.

Outstanding organisations realise the invaluable contributions which result from employee engagement. Passionate employees are focussed, engaged and committed to doing their best in everything they do. As a result, they deliver exceptional value to your customers, whether they are external or internal.

“Passion contributes more towards value creation than any other human capability*. The primary purpose of your organisation is to deliver value to your customers through your products and services. The more passionate your employees are, the more value you will deliver – bringing value your competitors (who are targeting your customers) cannot match. The Employee ( Employee Engagement) Passion Survey, debriefed by Peter O’Connor, shows you how passionate your employees really are.

The survey measures employee passion on two levels:

  • Passion for the job: the degree to which employees are emotionally connected to their work and are committed to doing their best.
  • Passion for the organisation: the degree to which employees are emotionally connected to the purpose, values and vision of the organisation and its leaders.

Survey results cover three areas:

  • Your employee’s needs: personal importance and organisational performance
  • Levels of passion across the team or entire organisation
  • The Values that Build Trust: personal importance and organisational performance

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