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Employee Engagement

It is no longer radical to say that employee engagement leads to better performance. Numerous pieces of research have established a link between the two, and organisations and management experts around the world dedicate significant resources to increasing employee engagement levels.

Here, we believe strongly that employee engagement is simply not enough. Leaders must create a work environment where employees are not just engaged, but are actually passionate about the organisation and the job they do.

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Employee Motivation

The difference in performance between an organisation with an average level of motivation and one with high levels can be dramatic – Gallup research tells us that the gap between levels of highly motivated employees at world-class organisations versus the rest is 34 percent.This demonstrates that organisations with average motivation levels have considerable ground to make up!
Many firms continue to use money as a motivator, but research tells us that its impact is limited at best. For the vast majority of organisations, motivation is a process, not an event. It begins with leaders developing an awareness of the intrinsic needs that actually drive employees’ behaviour and motivation. Once leaders understand these needs, they can begin the process of addressing them.
We help our clients with their own internal bespoke engagement surveys and debriefs, along with availing of our expertise with measuring Employee Passion & engagement with job role & organisation, through running and debriefing and acting upon The Employee Passion Survey data.

Employee Productivity

How do you get employees to think for themselves, take responsibility, and raise performance?

In the endless drive for greater productivity, every manager wants employees to become more proactive. More proactivity equals better productivity. And better productivity usually means improved financial performance, happier shareholders, and less sleepless nights for leaders.
To create a team of proactive employees, leaders need to demonstrate flexibility and foster a trust-based work environment. Our research has found that the two are strongly connected.

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