Employee Motivation

The difference in performance between an organisation with an average level of motivation and one with high levels can be dramatic – Gallup research tells us that the gap between levels of highly motivated employees at world-class organizations versus the rest is 34 percent.

This demonstrates that organisations with average motivation levels have considerable ground to make up!

Many firms continue to use money as a motivator, but research tells us that its impact is limited at best. For the vast majority of organizations, motivation is a process, not an event. It begins with leaders developing an awareness of the intrinsic needs that actually drive employees’ behavior and motivation. Once leaders understand these needs, they can begin the process of addressing them.

The process takes time and concerted effort, but the difference between average and world-class, as evidenced by Gallup research, is startling and clearly worth the time investment. Download the Research Desk Report on employee motivation and start the process today.

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