About us

We are a consultancy focused on helping you build an even more successful team, department or organisation! We apply a variety of grounded approaches, valid methods and tailored facilitation, to help you maximise the contribution of all staff, to build high-performance cohesive team. Every intervention will have a recognisable impact on the organisation through agreed actions with the staff and an identifiable return on investment, where possible.


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  • Employee Engagement
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Clients see us as specialising in leadership and performance management, impacting change through people, cohesive team development, communications, relationships & trust, alignment, engagement. Clients include multinational, corporate sector, medium-sized businesses and the not-for-profit organisations.

Peter O’Connor
Principal Consultant & MD

Seanán Ó’Dé
Principal Consultant

Peter O’Connor as consultant, facilitator & coach, has helped businesses & Teams across 3 decades. He facilitates learning with a business purpose, from strategic interventions and team development initiatives, as well L&D environments. Always client focused, tailoring for each environment. Modern delivery also with use of new technologies to support sustained learning. The focus is on results, applying learning, impact, process change, behavioural change, talent development, performance, building trust and retention.

Peter adds additional value through passion for a strengths based approach to bring change in teams, service, supporting clients (on their agenda).We have worked in Ireland, the UK and internationally and are strategically partnered with long-standing organisations including Wiley publishing, and Integro leadership. This enables us to bring the best of Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviours Of A Cohesive Team and the “Building Trust Inside” approaches to our work.

We help you to break through the challenges and opportunities that can only be realised through your strong and focused leadership and through developing your team’s and people.

We have worked in all business functions and across organisation types. The vast majority of work that we do is highly tailored to each individual client, as each individual client has their own specific needs, situations and desired outcomes. Performance partners is a highly result oriented and relationship driven company. We know business, but you know your business. We deliver learning and development with a business purpose.

As a Facilitator, Executive Coach and HR/L&D Consultant, Seanán has helped businesses across the globe, and across various industries, over the last 20 years’. His experience in Learning and Development across a range of organisations varies in both sectors and size. As a result, Seanán brings an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing businesses today. This understanding is borne out of working as a Group HR and Learning Director during the worst recession in Ireland, as well as a Retail Sales Coach and Director for a sales division with an annual turnover in excess of €11m.

Seanáns most recent challenge has involved working in the highly dynamic and innovative gaming industry. Whilst based in Ireland, he travelled across the globe facilitating team and leadership development. His continued success is the result of a challenging approach and setting impactful session objectives to ensure that the participants leave inspired, both individually and collectively.

With an MSc in HRM and Training as well as an L7 Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching Seanán brings a wealth of tools, models and frameworks to any conversation, or facilitated session. However, it is the application of the correct model or tool at the right time, in an empathetic style that sets Seanán facilitation and consultancy above and beyond others in his field.